Top Tips to Brighten a Wet and Rainy Wedding Day!



You really can’t predict what the weather will be during the British ‘Summertime’, one minute we are sweltering in the hottest temperatures on record and then next we are seeing a months’ worth of rain falling in one day…  So when planning an outdoor wedding in the UK, you really do need to have contingency plans in place and plan for all eventualities.   Here are our Top 5 Tips to brighten a wet wedding day…

Shelter – Adequate shelter is a MUST. 

Your idyllic outdoor wedding does not need to be ruined by a bit of rain.  There are some really beautiful options available now which provide shelter from rain but will not obscure the views and will still give the feeling of being outside. If the party or wedding is being held in a beautiful setting, Stretch Tents, Capri Marquees or Tipis are all ideal ways of bringing the garden undercover.  Stretch tents are not only striking to look at, they are flexible and can fit any area, cover uneven ground and can even be attached to part of a building.  Capri Marquees have a modern and spacious feel with sweeping lines creating a dramatic statement. They are available in a variety of sizes and have the added advantage of being able to be joined together giving flexibility in numbers and helping to make larger events feel more intimate. Tipis can offer an extraordinary setting for your event, they also come in a range of sizes and can in some cases, be co-joined together to form a larger space. Check out our Alternative Tent Hire Section for loads more ideas and to contact companies in your local area. 


You will need to discuss this with your photographer in advance and come up with a backup plan if it is too wet to have the outdoor photos taken that you had planned.  If it is a more scattered showers situation than all day rain, you might be able to rework some of the timings to delay the photographs by an hour or so and try again.   If you do have a beautiful stretch tent or capri marquee providing shelter, you could hire some props such as a flower wall or giant display letters to create an attractive undercover area where your photos could be taken.  

Appropriate Footwear 

Spare shoes are always a good idea, especially if it has been raining for a few days in the leadup to the big day – this could make the ground very muddy underfoot. The bride will need some wedding wellies if she has to stomp through a muddy field, she will not want to ruin her wedding shoes!  It is also an idea to advise guests of the ground condition in advance and suggest they bring some wellies…


It rained on my wedding day and I did not have an umbrella… luckily my kind and thoughtful wedding car driver had a supply of huge white umbrellas in the boot of the car! He literally saved the day (not to mention my hair) so I would advise all brides, whatever month you are getting married, to buy some big white umbrellas just in case!  There are companies you can hire these from, we love these beautiful brightly coloured ones from Brolly Bucket

Finally – relax and enjoy your special day

Believe me when I say you won't remember the rain when you look back on it and it will not put a damper on yours or any of your guests days at all. If there is one thing we should be used to living in the UK, it is rainy summer days and we never let them spoil our fun!